Glass Packaging

Nordson systems are ideal for applications in glass bottle manufacturing. This includes applying decorative coatings to finished bottles and containers, and applying lubricants automatically in the production operation. Our systems reduce costs, provide consistency, and create new market opportunities for glass bottle makers.

 Nordson systems provide significant costs savings for glass container manufacturers because they can produce bottles, etc. with clear non-pigmented or colored glass, and then coat them to meet their brand specifications.  Decorative coatings, which are UV-curable, are uniformly dispensed onto the container.  UV-curable coatings require a small fraction of the energy needed to cure conventional thermally-cured coatings.  They can be applied on a "batch" or as-needed basis, which greatly improves operating efficiencies and reduces production and inventory costs.

 In glass bottle lubrication applications, Nordson systems spray lubricant to the molds on a glass bottle IS (Independent Section) machine.   The process is referred to as Auto-Swabbing and it replaces labor-intensive manual processes.  Greater accuracy and consistency is provided, reducing material and scrap costs to provide a fast ROI.