Can Ends

Nordson equipment applies and dries can end-lining compounds. Advanced Induction dryers use proprietary induction-heating technology, resulting in significant energy savings and reduced floor-space requirements.

Nordson induction dryers are significantly economical to operate compared to hot air ovens, resulting in noticeable energy savings and adding to the sustainability of can end manufacturing operations.   Just a fraction of the floor-space required for convection dryers is needed, even at production speeds exceeding 2,000 ends per minute.

Using Nordson induction-drying technology, iDry and EcoDry systems heat only the can end, not the air around them. Convection hot air heating systems heat the air surrounding the compound, so the outside surfaces dry first causing blistering as the trapped water inside the compound escapes. Induction heating allows compounds to dry from the metal out making the drying process faster and more complete, without creating blisters.  The iDry and EcoDry compound dryers run on a lower wattage than convection dryers while 85 to 90 percent of the power consumed is used directly to heat the ends, making it the economical choice in all production environments.  Both single- and dual-lane configurations are available. Dryers are available in different sizes to meet line speed requirements, keeping dryer length to a minimum and saving floor space.

 The EcoLiner Compound Gun is an accurate electronically-controlled dispenser for water-based compound.  It provides consistency and repeatability with durable construction.