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Electronics, PCB & X-ray Inspection, AOI & Bond Testing for Electronics

Nordson X-ray inspection, AOI and Bond Testing are leading solutions for the electronics manufacturing industry. Other testing products are available for pattern control and verification in hot melt dispensing applications and for thickness measurement in powder coating applications.

for Electronics Manufacturing and related industries

Optical, Conformal Coat & X-Ray Inspection PCB Inspection Equipment from Nordson YESTECH
Products and systems sold under the Nordson YESTECH brand provide the accuracy you need to testing for multiple applications in the electronics manufacturing industry. High resolution cameras are utilized in printed circuit board (PCB) inspection, enabling users to improve quality and increase throughput.  Nordson YESTECH systems employ advanced Thin Camera™ technology, offering high-speed device inspection with exceptional defect coverage.   

Afull lin of X-ray inspection equipment provides high-speed online processing. Our in-line processing conformal coat inspection systems are compatible with electronic device manufacturers and related applications.


High Speed Bondtesting EquipmentBondtesting Equipment from Nordson DAGE
Products and systems sold under the Nordson DAGE brand provide electronic device manufacturers with the capability to simulate impact and high strain rate loads on solder ball connects.  Nordson DAGE bondtesting equipment is capable of performing a wide variety of tests, including wire pull, solder bump pull, solder bump shear, wafer handling pull and shear, zone ball shear, die shear.



X-Ray Inspection Equipment
Nordson offers a full range of X-ray inspection equipment for electronic device manufacturers and related applications.X-ray Inspection Systems from Nordson DAGE

High resolution - batch processing x-ray inspection systems: - Nordson DAGE x-ray inspection systems are among the highest resolution systems available in the world



X-ray Inspection Systems from Nordson YESTECHIn-line processing x-ray inspection systemsNordson YESTECH x-ray inspection systems provide high speed inline processing. 





Other Nordson Test & Inspection Products

Verification for Hot Melt and Cold Adhesive DispensingVerification Systems for Adhesive Dispensing from Nordson
Nordson's line of adhesive dispensing verification systems provide on-line quality control for hot melt or cold adhesive as well as a diverse range of substrate properties and bar codes.  The simplest systems can easily be programmed to detect presence and accuracy of bead placement.  More sophisticated systems provide easy programming to simultaneously detect and verify numerous parameters, and can integrate with pattern control capability for even simpler set-up and operation. Browse our full selection of adhesive dispensing products including our featured items:


Test and Inspection for Coating Systems
Nordson's Industrial Coating Systems division offers several testing and inspection products associated with its powder coating and container coating product lines. Our products provide the improved efficiency and flexibility manufacturers need to be productive throughout many industries. Search through all of our indutrial coating systems including automotive assembly and liquid coating products along with our featured items:

Find other products for material dispensing and surface preparation to solve your manufacturing needs with Nordson.

Test & Inspection Products By Division