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Established in 2002, Nordson YESTECH has help set the standard for AOI and x-ray inspection systems. The Nordson YESTECH brand exemplifies customer satisfaction.

Nordson YESTECH is a worldwide leader in the design, development and manufacture of advanced automated optical (AOI) and x-ray inspection (AXI) solutions for the PCBA and advanced semiconductor packaging industries. Our customers use our products to inspect for correct assembly, enhance yields and lower costs.

Most of the largest EMC’s and ODM’s across the globe are one of our more than 800 customers. Our major customers include Sanmina, Bose, Celestica, Benchmark Electronics, Lockheed Martin and Panasonic. Our solutions are used in a variety of markets including computer, automotive, medical, consumer, aerospace and industrial. During the last two decades, growth in these markets has increased demand for advanced electronic devices and led to increasing challenges in the design, production and inspection of PCB’s and semiconductor packages. Nordson YESTECH’s yield enhancements solutions are designed to meet these challenges with new and cost effective inspection technologies.

Important Nordson YESTECH Milestones:

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YESTech Inc. Ships First AOI system
YESTech Introduces YTV-1000 Bench Top AOI system
YESTech Moves into New Corporate Headquarters
YESTech Ships 100th System to Apsco Manufacturing
YESTech China Opens in Shanghai
Introduction of the YTX-6000 Automated X-Ray Inspection System
YESTech South East Asia Opens in Singapore
YESTech Ships 200th System to CTS
New F1 AOI Series Introduced
Introduction of B2 AOI system
YESTech Ships its 300th System Panasonic
YESTech Recognized as Entrepreneur's HOT 100
YESTech Opens Office in Hampshire, UK

YESTech Ships 500th Inspection System to Panasonic
YESTech Wins Service Excellence Award Second Year in a Row
YESTech Acquired by Nordson Corporation
YESTech Ships 600th System
Introduction of the YTV-M1m AOI system
YESTech Opens New China Office in Shanghai
Introduction of the YTX-X3 3-D Automated X-Ray Inspection System

YESTech Wins Service Excellence Award Third Year in a Row
YESTech Ships 700th System
YESTech Expand Operations to New Facility in Carlsbad California
YESTech Introduces new 3D X-Ray at APEX
YESTech Wins SMT Vision Award

YESTech Wins SMTAI Event at New Headquarters
YESTech Ships 1000th System to Teledyne EMS
YESTech Introduces new FX-Series AOI
Noron YESTECH rolls out nrew branding
Nordson YESTECH launches new website
Nordson YESTECH Wins Fourth Service Excellence Award for 2010
Introduction of next generation FX-UV Automated Conformal Coat Inspection system Nordson YESTECH ships 1300th FX Series AOI to JAVAD EMS
Nordson YESTECH Showcases latest generation M1m at IMAPS


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