Endoscopic Tips

Designed for the delivery of two component liquid biomaterials to difficult-to-reach and endoscopic treatment sites. The variety of designs offer surgeons the best instrument choice for the procedure.

  • Luer lock system prevents accidental dislodging of tips
  • Dual cannula styles resist clogging
  • For use with all standard FibriJet® Applicator Assemblies

Tip Designs Include:

360° Gas Assisted

Sprays a thin layer of combined materials in any direction. Available in 35cm length.


Gas Assisted Rigid Dual Cannula

Mixes and applies a thin layer of combined materials in a 1:1 ratio. Available in 20cm, 30cm and 40cm lengths.

Rigid Dual Cannula

Mixes components prior to delivery and applies in a spray. available in 20 cm, 30cm and 40cm lengths.

Dual Cannula Malleable

Shapeable metal shaft isolates two components until they passively mix at the treatment site. Available in 26cm length.

Rigid Single Cannula

Secures to any luer-type syringe. Availabe in 20cm and 30cm lengths.

Semi-Flexible Dual Cannula

Semi-flexible shaft with smooth atraumatic tip for tunneling and endoscopic procedures. Available in 32cm length.

Flexible Dual Cannula

Conform to tortuous paths. 1.9mm diameter allows for a smother movement through the instrument channel of most flexible endoscopes. Available in 35cm, 65cm, 180cm and 250cm lengths.


Gas regulators and accessories that facilitate the proper use of Gas Assisted Applicator Tips