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Semiconductor & Wafer

Wafer Level Packaging (WLP)

As semiconductor device manufacturers attempt to further shrink the size and increase the reliability of packaged devices, plasma is increasingly used for advanced applications during wafer level packaging. Nordson MARCH treatment systems are capable of handling multiple wafer sizes and high-throughput, automated processing.

Featured Wafer Level Packaging (WLP)

Bump Adhesion

Wafer level packaging: Plasma cleaning of the wafer surface using Nordson MARCH systems improves bump adhesion and can increase bump shear strength dramatically.

Via Cleaning for WLP

WLP - Optimized plasma configurations from Nordson MARCH can effectively treat small vias without damaging the wafer surface.

Dielectric Patterning

WLP - In forming the redistribution layer, plasma processing with Nordson MARCH systems is a viable alternative for dielectric patterning where typical wet processing methods can be avoided.

BCB & UBM Adhesion

Wafer level packaging: Plasma treatment can alter topography and wettability of the wafer's original passivation layer to promote adhesion of polymers such as benzocyclobutene (BCB).

Wafer Pre-Treatment

WLP - Plasma removes contamination & oxidation, increasing reliability & bonding yields. It also improves adhesion between the wafer passivation layer & BCB.

Stripping & Etch for WLP

WLP - Plasma processing using Nordson MARCH systems is an efficient method for bulk stripping & etching of materials in wafer level packaging, MEMS manufacture, & disk drive processing

Descum for WLP

WLP - Plasma treatment technology from Nordson MARCH provides uniform removal of small quantities of resist over the entire surface of the wafer prior to further post processing.

Wafer Cleaning

WLP - Plasma removes fluorine, oxides, & metal contamination, significantly enhancing the yield, reliability, & performance of the integrated circuit.