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Micro Electro Mechanical Systems (MEMS)

Nordson MARCH designs and builds plasma treatment systems specifically designed for the microelectronics industry. MEMS devices such as accelerometers, roll-over sensors and air bag deployment sensors require advanced plasma treatments during their manufacture in order to improve the device yield and long-term reliability.

Typical plasma applications for the manufacture of these advanced devices includes device cleaning, photoresist descum, stripping of materials like photoresist and benzocylcobutene (BCB), etching redistribution lines, and removing contamination.

Other applications include surface cleaning and roughening; chemical bond activation to improve bondability; and increasing wettability and uniformity of liquid flow over the wafer surface.

Related Products

AP-600 & AP-300 Bench-Top Plasma Treatment SystemsAP-600 & AP-300 Bench-Top Plasma Treatment Systems

The AP-300 & AP-600 models are state-of-the-art plasma treatment systems in a compact, bench-top configuration for plasma cleaning, surface activation and adhesion improvement

AP-1000 Plasma Treatment SystemAP-1000 Plasma Treatment System

The Nordson MARCH AP-1000 Plasma System is designed to meet the rigorous demands of 24-hour operation in high performance manufacturing environments. The system delivers uniform plasma treatment with unmatched reliability, safety and ease of operation.

FlexTRAK-CD Plasma Treatment SystemFlexTRAK-CD Plasma Treatment System

The FlexTRAK-CD plasma system is designed for high throughput processing of lead frame strips and other strip-type electronic components, up to 5 strips per plasma cycle

FlexTRAK-SH Plasma Treatment SystemFlexTRAK-SH Plasma Treatment System

Patented chamber design and control architecture of Nordson MARCH's FlexTRAK-SH enable short plasma cycle times with very low overhead, ensuring that throughput is maximized and cost of ownership is minimized.

FlexTRAK-2MB Plasma Treatment SystemFlexTRAK-2MB Plasma Treatment System

The FlexTRAK-2MB plasma system is designed for high throughput, inline processing of microelectronic devices held in boats, trays or other carriers.

FlexTRAK-BH Plasma Treatment SystemFlexTRAK-BH Plasma Treatment System

FlexTRAK-BH from Nordson MARCH accommodates a wide range of boat sizes in the same system, yielding unmatched production flexibility. Its small chamber volume and proprietary process control system provide short cycle times, with high machine autonomy.

FlexTRAK-WF Plasma Treatment SystemFlexTRAK-WF Plasma Treatment System

The FlexTRAK-WF Plasma System is designed for high-throughput processing of semiconductor wafers (and other flat substrates) in sizes ranging from 3 in. to 200mm (8 in.) in diameter, for wafers held in open cassettes.

FlexTRAK-WR Plasma SystemFlexTRAK-WR Plasma System

The FlexTRAK-WR Plasma System is designed for high-throughput processing of semiconductor wafers up to 300mm (12 in.) in diameter