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Plasma Solutions for Photovoltaic / Solar Industry

As the market for alternative sources of energy grows, manufacturers of solar cells and photovoltaic devices around the world are rapidly increasing production in order to capitalize on this emerging trend. As with other semiconductor-based devices, plasma processing is used for solar/photovoltaic device manufacturing and device packaging applications.

Typical applications include wafer edge etching, wafer cleaning; metal oxide removal; organic and inorganic contamination removal; etching of thin film layers such as silicon nitride, silicon oxide, benzocylcobutene (BCB), polymers and polyimide; photoresist (PR) etching, ashing and descum; wafer surface roughening to improve bondability; wafer surface activation to increase wettability, and improve the uniformity of liquid flow over the surface of the wafer.

Nordson MARCH’s plasma systems for solar cell and photovoltaic (PV) device manufacturing and packaging are designed to provide highly repeatable results with excellent etch rates and uniformity (both within wafer and wafer-to-wafer). Our systems are also capable of handling multiple wafer sizes (including 4, 6, 8 and 12 inch wafers, as well as square and other non-round substrates), and are capable of high-throughput automated processing.

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TropoSPHERE Plasma Treatment SystemTropoSPHERE Plasma Treatment System

The TrophoSPHERE™ Plasma System is designed for high-throughput processing of semiconductor wafers (and other flat substrates) in sizes ranging from 3 in. to 200mm (8 in.) in diameter, for wafers held in open cassettes.

StratoSPHERE Plasma Treatment SystemStratoSPHERE Plasma Treatment System

The StratoSPHERE™ plasma system is designed for high-throughput processing of semiconductor wafers up to 300mm (12 in.) in diameter. The patented plasma chamber design provides exceptional etch uniformity and process repeatability.

FlexTRAK Plasma Treatment SystemFlexTRAK Plasma Treatment System

The Nordson MARCH FlexTRAK™ series of gas plasma equipment provides unparalleled treatment uniformity and process consistency.