Advanced Plasma Technology, Solutions and Expertise for Multiple Manufacturing Industries

Nordson MARCH is the global leader in advanced plasma machine technology for the Semiconductor, Printed Circuit Board, Life Science, Hard Disk Drive, LED, and Solar / Photovoltaic industries. We design and manufacture a complete line of plasma treatment systems, and maintain an expert staff of scientists and engineers focused on plasma cleaning.


Nordson MARCH has an extensive range of plasma treatment solutions to enhance and improve the reliability of manufacturing processes used in the advanced semiconductor packaging and wafer level packaging industries.

Printed Circuit Board

Efficient, economical and environmentally benign plasma solutions from Nordson MARCH for the PCB industry deliver higher uniformity and better reproducibility results than other chemical or mechanical processes.

Life Science

Nordson MARCH provides the medical industry a variety of innovative plasma solutions to enhance the reliability and functionality of medical devices and medical electronics.

Hard Disk Drives

Plasma solutions from Nordson MARCH enable the manufacturing of components to assemble hard disk drives for data storage, including disk drive suspensions, thin film read/write heads and magnetic media.


Nordson MARCH has advanced plasma treatment solutions for industrial applications which are essential for altering surface characteristics in automotive sub-assemblies, electronics, apparel, goggles, and military-grade hardware.


Leading plasma solutions from Nordson MARCH can improve the reliability and yield during the manufacturing of Light Emitting Diodes (LED) in high-value products such as automobiles, televisions and personal computers.

Solar / Photovoltaic

Nordson MARCH's advanced plasma technology is ideal for enhancing the reliability and functionality of many solar components during manufacturing in the fast-growing solar / photovoltaic industry.

Plasma Learning Center

Learn more about innovative plasma technology and solutions from Nordson MARCH in our Plasma Learning Center which includes numerous White Papers.

Featured Solution

Inner Layer Preparation
Inner Layer Preparation

Plasma treatment technology from Nordson MARCH alters the topography & wettability of cover-coated inner board layers, promoting adhesion by allowing thin layer processing using flex clips

Featured Product

PCB-1600 Plasma Treatment System
PCB-1600 Plasma Treatment System

The completely redesigned PCB-1600 plasma system maintains a perfect balance between its predecessor and its successor, the ProVIA™ plasma system. The chamber is still purely PCB Series inspired, but everything else has adopted VIA™ Series technology.


Nordson MARCH introduces the FlexTRAK-S Plasma System with large capacity plasma chamber for advanced semiconductor and electronics packaging
(25 Aug 2014)
Integrates with a variety of process equipment in electronics manufacturing to offer flexibility and excellent plasma treatment

Nordson MARCH White Paper, Plasma Clean to Reduce Wire Bond Failures, Now Available Online
(07 Jul 2014)
Describes wire bond failures, their causes, and ways to eliminate them

Plasma treatment can improve conformal coating adhesion in electronics manufacturing
(18 Jun 2014)
Recent studies have shown that plasma treatment of printed circuit boards prior to conformal coating improves the adhesion of the coatings.

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Nordson MARCH presentations at The Electrochemical Society (ECS) Conference 2014
(05 Oct 2014-10 Oct 2014)
Join Nordson MARCH in Cancun, Mexico, at the 2014 ECS / SMEQ technical conference. David Foote of Nordson MARCH will be giving a presentation on plasma applications for medical devices and plasma processing for advanced packaging.

Conformal Coating & Precise Fluid Dispensing Process Technologies Workshop
(22 Oct 2014-23 Oct 2014)
Join us for a FREE Educational and Networking Event in Indy

TPCA 2014 in Taiwan
(22 Oct 2014-24 Oct 2014)
Nordson MARCH is participating in two partners' booths

HKPCA 2014
(03 Dec 2014-05 Dec 2014)
Nordson MARCH is participating our partner's booth in Shenzhen, China

Pan Pacific 2015
(03 Feb 2015-05 Feb 2015)
Nordson MARCH to present at the Pan Pacific Conference in Kauai, Hawaii

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