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ProVIA Plasma Treatment System

ProVIA Plasma Treatment System

Nordson MARCH’s ProVIA™ System is specifically configured to meet the demands of today’s high throughput PCB manufacturing operations. Plasma treatment uniformity is a key operational feature in desmear and etchback applications for HDI, flexible and rigid circuit board manufacturing technologies.

The ProVIA system incorporates the best of Nordson MARCH’s market leading technology combined with novel application specific technology development based on our greater than 25 years of experience.

Through extensive research and development, the ProVIA system presents unique vacuum and gas flow technology, new electrode designs, and superior temperature management. The careful balance of these critical design elements and process recipe parameters delivers a system that creates the most uniform PCB treatment for key applications like desmear and landing pad cleaning.

The ProVIA system platform is completely self-contained, requiring minimal floor space. The vacuum system, plasma chamber, control electronics, and 40 kHz power supply are housed in a single enclosure. Full front and rear access allows for convenient service to all interior components. The pump is positioned on rollers for easy removal. No side access is required allowing for even greater floor space savings.Compact system consumes minimal floor space.

The ProVIA system’s superior performance capabilities are complemented by very attractive low-cost-of-ownership aspects. The system features a very compact and service-friendly design. The vertical loading concept and the use of easy loading carts minimizes any idle time which generates high levels of productivity. The fast vacuum pump down and greatly enhanced process cycle times further add to the throughput and productivity of the system.

Equipped with a touch-screen PC Operator Interface, the ProVIA system provides a wide breadth of control capability and data collection. Unlimited recipes can be stored for easy switching of plasma processes from batch to batch. Password protection ensures that no unauthorized entries can be made.

Features and Benefits

  • High throughput of HDI, flexible and rigid panels for maximum production flexibility
  • Accommodates multiple panel sizes within a small footprint to consume minimal floor space
  • Fast units per hour (UPH) processing to meet today’s demanding manufacturing schedules
  • Low CF4 gas consumption for desmear applications contributes to the lowest cost of ownership in its class
  • Patented system technologies produce superior process uniformity at high throughputs

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