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FlexTRAK-2MB Plasma Treatment System

FlexTRAK-2MB Plasma Treatment System

The FlexTRAK-2MB plasma system is designed for high throughput, inline processing of microelectronic devices held in boats, trays or other carriers.

Plasma System for High-Throughput, Inline Boat Processing

The patented plasma module provides exceptional uniformity and run-to-run process repeatability. Its advanced three axis symmetrical plasma chamber ensures control over all process parameters and highly repeatable results.

The system seamlessly integrates into a production line, while accommodating a wide range of boat sizes, yielding unmatched production flexibility. Its compact plasma chamber and proprietary process control system minimize cycle time.

The integrated boat handler of the FlexTRAK-2MB plasma system provides rapid material transfer, up to 2 boats per plasma cycle. Combined with the compact design and short plasma cycle, the system maximizes through-put and minimizes cost of ownership.


Plasma processes for pre-flip chip underfill, pre-die attach, pre-wire bond and pre-mold steps.

Plasma Contamination Removal & Cleaning

  • Fluorine & other halogens
  • Metals & metal oxides
  • Organic compounds

Plasma Etching

  • Roughen surfaces to improve adhesion and reduced delamination
  • Modify surfaces to increase bond strength and surface tension properties

Surface Activation

  • Improve flip chip underfill performance by minimizing voids, enhancing adhesion, increasing wicking speed and maximizing filet height uniformity
  • Improve mold material flow to eliminate voids and reduce wire sweep

Features and Benefits

  • Unique boat bypass feature optimizes productivity
  • Multiple inline plasma modules increase throughput
  • High uniform plasma treatment
  • Production ready dual lane boat handling
  • Ideal for pre-Flip-Chip Underfill (FCUF) processes

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