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2004 News

August 25, 2004
Nordson MARCH Announces Sale to US Circuit, Inc.
U.S. Circuit, Inc. in Escondido, Calif. has purchased a PCB 2800 system for plasma treatment of commercial and military printed circuit boards.

August 20, 2004
Nordson MARCH Wins Award for the FlexTRAK™ System
The FlexTRAK plasma treatment system won the 2004 Advanced Packaging Award in the category of Surface Treatment Equipment & Materials.

July 20, 2004
FlexTRAK™ Plasma Treatment System with Flexible Handling Capability
Nordson MARCH's award-winning FlexTRAK system is capable of direct, downstream, and ion-free plasma processing for treating a wide range of semiconductor devices.

July 15, 2004
Nordson MARCH Announces Its Twentieth Year Anniversary
Nordson MARCH's mission is to continuously expand our product offerings to provide innovative, quality solutions for the semiconductor, PCB, and medical & webbed material industries.

June 15, 2004
Nordson MARCH Adds Technical Customer Support in Japan
Nordson MARCH has recently named Terumitsu Tsuju as its Business Manager and Yuji Takai as Regional Sales Manager for offices in Tokyo, Japan.

May 13, 2004
Nordson MARCH Opens Offices in Japan
New Nordson MARCH offices have been established in Tokyo to provide our Japanese customers with local sales and service support.

April 17, 2004
Basic Electronics Contracts with Nordson MARCH for Plasma Treatment of Flex Materials
Nordson MARCH is the supplier of choice for Basic Electronics' out-sourced plasma treatment and etch requirements.

February 23, 2004
Nordson MARCH Introduces the AP-1000 HTP System for Enhanced Plasma Processing
The AP-1000 HTP (high-throughput) system optimizes the use of the reactive ions found in RF plasma, increasing treatment uniformity while decreasing process time.

February 15, 2004
Nordson MARCH Reports Worldwide Expansion
Nordson MARCH has strengthened their global sales and service network by adding new representation to support their PCB plasma product lines.