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Company History

The two companies that are at the foundation of Nordson MARCH each have a rich history of success.

March Instruments was founded in 1984. The original product was the Plasmod reactor from original Motorola patents. The small bench top barrel plasma system found broad use in the early days of semiconductor research and is still used in many university laboratories. With the advent of laminated substrates and advanced package technologies, such as BGA’s, March Instrument’s position in semiconductor packaging grew fast. IDM’s and Contract Packaging companies quickly proliferated the use of March Instrument’s popular PX1000 product.

In 1999 March Instruments introduced the first of its TRAK style products, initiating a new trend in equipment to respond to the industry demands for greater uniformity and consistency of treatment as well as the needs for automation. The initial ITRAK product has since evolved in Nordson MARCH’s highly successful FlexTRAK platform which is now widely used throughout the Semiconductor and Life Science industries.

Advanced Plasma Systems was founded in 1981. The large format plasma systems that APS produced were immediately applied in the Printed Circuit Board manufacturing industry. Applications that required compliance with the rigid military specifications were ideally suited for plasma cleaning technology. APS continued to grow as smaller via diameters, new materials and increasing layer counts evolved in the PCB industry. Plasma treatment is providing technology solutions where the traditional methods loose effectiveness. APS also found success in utilizing its product concepts to develop solutions for the medical device manufacturing industry by providing customized systems for the treatment of cardiovascular catheters, stents, ocular products, etc.

Since 1999, March Instruments and Advanced Plasma Systems have been merged into a single entity: Nordson MARCH. The complimentary product lines and market strengths have formed us into a market and technology leading company.