Two-Piece Can Systems

Improve quality, reduce variations and save costs in a wide variety of steel or aluminum beer and beverage and food container applications.

From interior spray and dome spray applications to curing and drying equipment, Nordson systems help reduce material and labor costs, increase productivity and enhance operational efficiency in two-piece container manufacturing. Nordson two-piece container systems include:

  • MEG® II Compact Spray Gun
  • DR Pump
  • CP Pump
  • EP II Pump
  • Nozzles
  • High-Pressure Fluid Filters
  • TCU Temperature Control System
  • SPC Spray Pressure Control
  • iTrax® Control and Monitorring System

What's more, with Nordson nVision™ Tools, a series of interactive computer modeling tools, you can now calculate your can coating costs by applying variables and calculations across your can coating operations for options available. With nVision Tools, you can now make decisions based on hard dollars and cents comparisons.

Related Products

MEG® II Compact Spray GunMEG® II Compact Spray Gun

The Nordson MEG® II compact electric gun delivers fast, accurate application of solvent borne and waterborne can lacquers to two- and three-piece cans.

ISC Bottom Cure SystemISC Bottom Cure System

The Nordson® ISC bottom cure system works with either solventborne or waterborne coatings to cure protective coatings applied to can bottoms.

iDry® Induction Compound DryeriDry® Induction Compound Dryer

Nordson dryers are designed specifically for water-based end compounds using Nordson patented induction-heating technology.

Ink-Dot I.D. SystemInk-Dot I.D. System

The Nordson® Ink-Dot I.D. system identifies which spray machine coats each can on the line. The system applies a small dot of ink on the bottom of each can as it enters the spray machine.

CanNeck™ Lubrication SystemsCanNeck™ Lubrication Systems

Nordson CanNeck™ Lubrication Systems apply a defined and controllable bead of lubricant to the open end of cans.

CleanSpray® XT Automated Nozzle Cleaning SystemCleanSpray® XT Automated Nozzle Cleaning System

Lacquer spray nozzles are cleaned automatically, without shutting the machine down, using the CleanSpray XT system.

cSelect™ NozzlescSelect™ Nozzles

Designed for internal lacquer spray of specific can sizes and types to provide consistent piece-to-piece performance and accuracy.

EP II PumpEP II Pump

The electrically-driven EP-II pump delivers a constant volume of fluid to provide consistent pressure to multiple spray guns.

DR PumpDR Pump

The air-powered dual piston DR Pump is a high capacity, durable, demand-style pump with 2gpm delivery rate for maintaining consistent pressure to multiple spray guns.

Spray Pressure Control SystemSpray Pressure Control System

Spray Pressure Control (SPC) provides individual pressure control for each spray gun to help achieve consistent coating weights.

iTrax® Integrated Process Control and Monitoring SystemiTrax® Integrated Process Control and Monitoring System

The iTrax Spray Monitor and Control System provides constant, automatic monitoring of crucial operating parameters in the can spray process and precise control of spray time and gun operation.

Temperature Control UnitTemperature Control Unit

The Nordson® Temperature Control Unit provides an effective method to monitor and maintain material temperature by heating or cooling during can coating operations.

UV Bottom Rim CureUV Bottom Rim Cure

UV Bottom Rim Cure