Three-Piece Can Systems

Apply coatings to the interior of three-piece cans, improving product integrity and meeting stringent requirements of the food or aerosol packaging industry. Nordson Advanced Induction technology is used to cure side-seam stripe coatings on 3pc cans.

Nordson systems protect three-piece can interiors and their packaged products by applying liquid coatings as an inside spray lining or as a side-seam stripe to the inside or outside welded seam. Nordson systems provide precise application, reduced material costs, and increased line speeds, for improved manufacturing efficiency and productivity.

Quality is monitored and achieved with Nordson systems such as the iTrax® spray monitor system or the new Flow Monitor and Control System. These products provide reliable and immediate identification of spray malfunctions. Our complete line of products for three-piece container systems includes:

  • MEG® Inside Stripe
  • 25B Pump
  • Nozzles
  • High-Pressure Fluid Filters
  • NH-4 Heater
  • Flow Monitor and Control System

Nordson Advanced Induction curing systems are used to efficiently and economically heat 3pc can seams and cure the side-stripe coating. In fact, nothing compares to the efficiency and potential energy savings associated with induction heating for this application.

Related Products

MEG® Inside StripeMEG® Inside Stripe

The Nordson® MEG® Inside Stripe compact electric gun provides high-speed precise interior striping of three-piece welded containers.

EcoLiner™ Compound GunEcoLiner™ Compound Gun

High-performance, electro-pneumatic gun provides precise cutoff and adjustable flow control for accurate material deposition in end lining and closure operations.

EcoDry® Compound DryerEcoDry® Compound Dryer

The Nordson® EcoDry® Compound Dryer is economical, compact, and specifically designed for smaller production lines with a wide range of can ends.

ISC2 Pre-Cure OvenISC2 Pre-Cure Oven

The Nordson® induction side-seam pre-cure system can increase curing capacity and line speeds by as much as 20 percent, without increasing the capacity of an existing oven.

CP PumpCP Pump

The air-powered dual piston CP Pump is a demand-style pump that provides the necessary volume of material to spray guns as needed for maintaining consistent pressure.

25B Pump25B Pump

The economic and reliable 25B pump is a versatile, air-powered demand-style pump that can supply several spray guns.

Flow Monitor and Control SystemFlow Monitor and Control System

Easy to use, modular system for automatic monitoring nozzle flow and controlling gun operation on three-piece cans.

High-Pressure Fluid FiltersHigh-Pressure Fluid Filters

Available in single and dual versions, Nordson® high-pressure filters prevent nozzle clogging in a variety of fluid delivery applications.