Heat-Sensitive Substrates

Powder coating provides a durable, attractive and economical alternative to liquid paints and laminates for a wide range of heat-sensitive products such as glass and plastic materials. Powder coatings are dry, 100 percent solids paints that are spray-applied in a process similar to liquid painting. Once coated, products are conveyed through a curing oven, where the powder melts to form a durable, attractive finish.

Powder coatings have long been the finish of choice for lawn & garden equipment, home appliances and metal furniture. Today, a new generation of low-cure-temperature and ultraviolet (UV)-curable powder coatings bring the benefits powder coating to MDF, plastics, wood and other heat-sensitive substrates.

Low-cure-temperature and UV-curable powder coatings for wood are best suited for products manufactured from medium-density fiberboard (MDF) materials. Manufacturers of MDF products such as cabinetry and shelving can benefit by adding powder coating to their operations.

 Unmatched design flexibility
Unlike laminates, powder coatings are spray-applied for excellent coverage of part contours.  Designs are not affected by inherent limitations of the lamination process.

One-step, seamless finishing process
Powder coatings are applied and cured in a single pass for excellent manufacturing productivity. Plus, the coating is seamless for complete coverage across the part.

Durable finish
Powder coated finishes are typically more durable than conventional liquid paints. Many products that are designed for rugged environments, such as most lawn & garden equipment, outdoor furniture and major appliances are powder coated. 

Minimal material waste
Powder coating overspray is easily contained and recycled within the finishing system. Many powder coaters enjoy material usage of nearly 100 percent, for minimal paint waste.

Improved total-process economies
The benefits of powder coating combine to deliver economic advantages in material savings, productivity and finish quality. And unlike liquid paints, powder coatings contain no solvents that require costly containment and disposal.

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