PowderGrid® Plus Cartridge Filters

Innovative cartridge filter design reduces powder waste, improves powder-booth performance and extends filter life.

Reclaim system performance in any powder coating application can dramatically affect overall operating efficiencies. The effectiveness of these operations can be further enhanced with cartridge-filter technology designed to reduce waste and improve powder-booth performance.

PowderGrid Plus cartridge filters, developed specifically for powder coating, include an innovative pleat design, optimum pleat number and spacing, and a unique, filter media dimpling process. This technology provides and maintains maximum effective surface area throughout reclaim operations for the highest operating efficiency and performance available.

Features and Benefits

  • Designed specifically for powder coating applications with all types of powder materials for superior performance
  • Unique, dimpled pleat design provides 100 percent open filter area and maximum operating efficiency.
  • Controlled arrangement of media fibers ensures smaller, more uniform pores. This results in greater efficiency, improved durability, and makes seasoning unnecessary.
  • Optimum pleat number and spacing assures uniform filtration over the entire surface area for lower pressure drop, more consistent booth airflow and easier cleaning.
  • Rounding of pleat tips increases effective filter media area for optimum filter performance and long service life.
  • Durable, low-durometer, one-piece gasket delivers air-tight seal. Gasket material has excellent memory to prevent gapping, and withstands exposure to powder paint materials to resist degradation and provide long life.
  • Full line of mounting styles available for use in vertical, horizontal and flange-mount applications. Can be used with a wide variety of Nordson side-draft and down-draft powder spray booths.