Prodigy® Color-On-Demand Manual Powder Coating Gun System from Nordson

Encore® HD Color-On-Demand® Manual System

Nordson HDLV (High-Density Powder, Low-Velocity Air) technology focuses on dense-phase powder transport and application.

The Encore HD Color-On-Demand® manual powder spray system combines the Prodigy® Color-On-Demand instant color selector* with the new Encore HD manual gun and controller to provide an integrated solution for precision dispensing and sophisticated, ultra-fast color-change control in less than 20 seconds. Featuring softer spray at gun tip and higher powder output, manufacturers worldwide are benefiting from improved application speeds, reduced downtime and ease-of-use.

With Nordson HDLV dense-phase powder application technology you have unsurpassed performance in a dramatically more compact, lightweight, and well-balanced manual system.  

The system features:

  • Color change in 20 seconds or less, maximizing production throughput and flexibility
  • 28-color capacity provides exceptional flexibility of color selection
  • Just-in-time manufacturing for zero inventory and improved production efficiency
  • Easy-to-use, touch-screen color selector user interface provides fast, easy selection of colors and capability to customize color names or designations
  • Easy-to-use spray gun user interface, conveniently located at the operator’s fingertips for easy setting, viewing and changing of electrostatic and pneumatic parameters

The gun features:

  • Uniform spray patterns, including metallics
  • Ability to purge gun flow path or perform complete color change 
  • Lightweight gun with on-gun controls
  • Wider range of coating ability, offering a single gun solution to meet any application need
  • High first-pass transfer efficiency
  • Newly designed robust lance extensions

Gun pump features include: 

  • Longer-life pinch valve
  • High-strength molded pump body
  • Longer-life check valve  and metal filter disc

High-capacity transfer pump offers:

  • Longer-life check valve

*patents applied for

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