Iso-Flo® HD Voltage Block System for Waterborne Applications from Nordson

Iso-Flo® HD Voltage Block System for Waterborne Applications

Patented Iso-Flo® HD voltage blocks provide enhanced reliability and performance for the application of electrostatically charged waterborne coatings.

Benefits Include:

  • Paint reservoirs sized for productivity and paint savings
  • Simple, low-maintenance design
  • Fast, efficient color changes
  • Durable, easy-access steel enclosure
  • Factory Mutual and CE approved

How a Voltage-block System Works

A voltage-block system acts as a one-way valve between the paint reservoir and the spray gun.  Charged paint passes from the pump to the spray gun, but the system blocks the high-voltage electrostatics from leaking back to the paint reservoir.  With this, only the spray gun and the hose that connects it to the voltage block system are electrostatically charged.

System controls in the production line assist with fast color changes to calculate the amount of paint needed to spray the parts remaining before a color change occurs so that both paint reservoirs are empty after the last part passes.

Iso-Flo HD voltage blocks are available for automatic and manual painting system

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