Temperature Control Unit

The Nordson® Temperature Control Unit provides an effective method to monitor and maintain material temperature by heating or cooling during can coating operations. The TCU heats, cools and circulates the closed-loop conditioning water through heat exchangers and ancillary components ensuring proper coating temperature to for materials savings of up to 15 percent.

Electric Heater with High Temperature Safety

During operation, water is heated by an electric circulation heater(s) located in the TCU unit. Since many coating materials are damaged by high temperature, this heater includes an adjustable high-temperature safety switch that will disable the heater circuit when the set temperature is exceeded, even if the controller is still calling for heat.

Other features of the electric heater include maintenance-free water circulators, water reservoir with level switch, pressure and temperature gauges, and adjustable flow indicator.

Integral Modular Water Chiller

A modular air-cooled water chiller is built into the Nordson temperature control unit. This chiller maintains a reservoir of water at approximately 50° F, and is completely self-contained. An internal thermostat senses the reservoir water temperature and cycles the chiller on demand

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