iTrax® Spray Monitor (SM) System

The iTrax Spray Monitor (SM) provides constant, automatic monitoring of crucial operating parameters in the can spray process.

Only Nordson offers a comprehensive system that combines spray monitoring, timing control and spray pressure control into one system.

With the iTrax system, it is now possible to automatically monitor and control the inside spray process for metal cans from one single operator interface location.

The iTrax® Spray Monitor (SM) System reads the spray pressure inside each gun. When it detects a gun that is applying too much or too little coating, it warns of the problem and identifies the specific gun, allowing the ability to immediately remedy the problem.

  • Detects improperly coated cans as they are sprayed for reduced rejects
  • Two preset levels for fault conditions indicate potential problems (warning message) and gross errors (alarm message)
  • Optional PC-interface allows operators to monitor the performance of multiple dispensing modules from a centralized location
  • Easy-to-use help screen assists with troubleshooting of the hydraulic system
    Can counter maintains an ongoing record of the number of cycles (sprays) per gun
  • Records alarm occurrences for maintenance and SPC programs
  • Modular system can be upgraded to automate and control other spray functions

New iTrax®  modules help you further improve productivity and reduce costs.

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