iTrax® Pressure Control (PRx) Module

Programmable Recipe capability for automatic adjustment of spray pressure, plus additional capability to monitor spin speed and temperature.

The iTrax Pressure Control module (PRx) provides capability to automatically adjust and control spray pressure at each gun. This enables single-location (“one button”) control and input of selected “can recipes”.

Each recipe consists of all the necessary operating parameters for a particular can size or coating weight requirement.

Once the desired recipe on the Touch Screen Control is selected and activated, spray pressure and timer settings are automatically adjusted at each spray gun.

A PC Operator Interface also displays messages, task requirements, and settings needed for other parameters in the process that must be adjusted when changing to that specific container recipe. This includes any nozzle and gun position changes, and conveyance adjustments needed for a different type of can or container. The operator documents this information in the system, to coincide with desired practices and requirements of each particular plant or line.

The PRx module also monitors:

  • Temperature monitoring
  • Spin speed (belt speed) monitoring
  • Vacuum monitoring
  • Additional Can-in-Pocket sensing for using redundant/back-up proximity sensors

Only Nordson offers a comprehensive system that combines spray monitoring, timing control and spray pressure control into one system.

With the iTrax system, it is now possible to automatically monitor and control the inside spray process for metal cans from one single operator interface location.

Other iTrax modules help you further improve productivity and reduce costs.

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