EP II Pump

The electrically-driven EP-II pump delivers a constant volume of fluid to provide consistent pressure to multiple spray guns.

The Nordson Model EP II pumping system is a versatile, electrically driven system designed for applying various coating material formulations in both heated and unheated circulating delivery systems. Specifically designed for the container industry, the model EP II system supplies constant fluid delivery throughout the pumping operation, providing the optimum performance necessary in high-speed can coating applications.

  • Electrically driven system eliminates the need for a compressed air supply for greater efficiency
  • Fully engineered, ready to use for easy installation and start-up
  • Dual diaphragm pistons provide built-in back-up for continuous operation and contamination prevention
  • Modular design offers easy online replacement
  • Back pressure regulator provides constant pressure in the system
  • Stainless-steel wetted parts provide corrosion resistance
  • Safety valve relief automatically relieves system pressure in the event of an over-pressure condition
  • Coating material can be siphoned from a drum or pressure-fed from a large supply tank

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