cSelect™ Nozzles from Nordson

cSelect™ Nozzles

Designed for internal lacquer spray of specific can sizes and types to provide consistent piece-to-piece performance and accuracy.

Nordson cSelect nozzles are designed to uniformly apply internal lacquer spray to a specified can size or type. Manufactured to tolerance limits as much as 35 percent closer than previous container spray nozzles, cSelect nozzles assure piece-to-piece uniformity and accuracy. As a result of the uniformity in applied film thickness, manufacturers are able to lower coating weights, and thus, reduce material consumption and cost.

Each cSelect nozzle is performance tested by coating specific can sizes and types, and measuring the resulting film thickness distribution along the sidewall of the container. These results, as measured in the nozzle manufacturing process, vary no more than 0.50 mg/in2 and are used as performance criteria for the nozzle.

  • Manufactured to tighter tolerances, providing uniform coating of a specified can size or type.
  • Greater piece-to-piece consistency lowers coating weights, reducing material consumption and cost.
  • Performance tested during the manufacturing process by measuring film thickness distributions on the interior of a metal can.
  • Includes documented manufacturing results and recommended operating settings to reduce set-up and maintenance and maximize performance.

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