CleanSpray® XT Automated Nozzle Cleaning System

Lacquer spray nozzles are cleaned automatically, without shutting the machine down, using the CleanSpray XT system.

The Nordson® CleanSpray® System cleans container-coating nozzles automatically, without stopping production. The system sprays a 400 psi, short-duration stream of water directly on the nozzle, washing away excess coating material between lacquer sprays.

Cleaning nozzles during production keeps them free of coating build-up. The system can be set to clean at the interval best suited for the operation -- from between every can to every 15th can. And because coating materials are prevented from building up around the nozzle, dried coating cannot detach from the nozzle and be deposited into the cans.

With the CleanSpray® system, manual nozzle cleaning can be reduced to once per shift, minimizing labor requirements and keeping the production line running cleaner, longer.

  • Automatically cleans spray nozzles, reducing material build-up
  • System can be programmed to spray at varying intervals for added flexibility
  • Reduces manual nozzle cleaning to only once per shift
  • Designed for easy retrofit into existing spray lines
  • Optional CleanSleeve® Gun Covers protect guns from overspray, reducing labor while keeping guns cleaner, longer

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