Ink-Dot I.D. System

The Nordson® Ink-Dot I.D. system identifies which spray machine coats each can on the line. The system applies a small dot of ink on the bottom of each can as it enters the spray machine. A different ink color is used for each machine on the coating line, so the source of unacceptable coatings can be immediately identified. There is no need to shut down all machines on the line to determine which machine is producing the defect.

  • Allows replacement of valve module without manifold removal
  • Enamel-rater and metal exposure tests can be performed on actual production cans
  • Faster, more efficient process reduces labor costs of frequent testing
  • Ideal for two- and three-piece container operations
  • Ideal for aluminum and steel cans
  • Easily applies colored and UV inks
  • Can be configured to apply thermal-sensitive inks to the outside of two- and three-piece food cans

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