iDry® Induction Compound Dryer from Nordson

iDry® Induction Compound Dryer

Nordson dryers are designed specifically for water-based end compounds using Nordson patented induction-heating technology. These dryers require only a fraction of the floor space of convection dryers and are economical to operate.

The Nordson iDry® Induction Compound Dryer is specifically designed for production lines with speeds of 500 to 2200 ends per minute. Both single- and dual-lane configurations are available. Dryers are available in four sizes to meet line speed requirements, keeping dryer length to a minimum and saving floor space.

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Can Ends
Nordson dryers are designed specifically for water-based end compounds using our patented induction-heating technology.

Induction Heating and Curing
Nordson Advanced Induction systems are used to dry or cure a variety of liquid and powder coatings used on metal substrates.

Two-Piece Can Systems
Improve quality, reduce variations and save costs in a wide variety of steel or aluminum beer and beverage and food container applications.

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