ISC Bottom Cure System

The Nordson® ISC bottom cure system works with either solventborne or waterborne coatings to cure protective coatings applied to can bottoms.

The system heats rapidly at 40 degrees centigrade per second, curing coatings at high line speeds in a minimum amount of space. The ISC works at production speeds up to 900 cpm with multiple coil trays. This system provides simple air-cooling for the coils, as well as the safe, fast controllable heating. The compact size of the entire system allows it to be used with existing conveyors.

  • Simple air cooling for the coils
  • Safe, fast controllable heating
  • Compact size can be used with existing conveyors
  • Uses 80 percent less energy than a gas oven
  • Cures either solventborne or waterborne coatings

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