EcoDry® Compound Dryer

The Nordson® EcoDry® Compound Dryer is economical, compact, and specifically designed for smaller production lines with a wide range of can ends. The dryer uses Nordson's patented induction-heating technology to cure water-based end compounds. This technology allows compounds to dry from the metal out making the drying process faster and more complete.

At 45 inches long, the dryer requires only a fraction of the floor space of conventional dryers, yet operates at a lower wattage. The EcoDry dryer is ideal for aluminum and steel ends, and can cure up to 475 can ends per minute per line.
  • Open-door interlock switches
  • Over- and under-temperature alarms and shut-downs
  • Integral exhaust blower purges moist air from induction tube
  • Easy installation, all electronics housed in common enclosure
  • Small footprint dimensions
  • Low wattage

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