Auger Valve Controller

ValveMate™ 7094 controllers provide precise time, fluid pressure and speed control for 794 Series dispense valves.

Designed for use with the 794 Series auger valves, ValveMate 7094 Series controllers provide a fast, convenient way to adjust valve open time in increments as small as 0.001 second. This provides exceptional
process control and eliminates the need to reprogram a PLC.

Precision air pressure regulator controls pressure to the barrel reservoir and can be operated in continuous or pulse mode. Each 794 Series auger valve requires one ValveMate 7094DC controller (for
brush style motors) or ValveMate 7094BL controller (for brushless style motors) for proper operation.

ValveMate controllers are simple to set up and operate, and easy to interface with PLCs and other equipment.


  • Motor voltage range of 10-24VDC
  • Continuous or pulse pressure mode to reservoir
  • Nonvolatile, power-off memory
  • Programmable time

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