741MD MicroDot™ Valves

The 741MD Series MicroDot Valve is a pneumatically operated adjustable needle valve designed to apply very precise deposits down to fractions of a microliter.

Ideal for automated assembly processes, the 741MD-SS MicroDot™ valve has an adjustable needle stroke with a unique calibration feature that allows the user to maintain exact deposit size when dispensing fluid.

The stainless steel shutoff needle seats in the hub of the dispensing tip rather than the valve body. This design minimizes dead fluid volume by having fluid cutoff occur as close as possible to the dispensing orifice. Because the needle seat is part of the dispense tip itself, the seat can be renewed by simply replacing the disposable tip.

The complete system includes the 741MD-SS dispense valve, ValveMate™ 8000 controller, fluid reservoir and dispense tip.


  • Zero dead fluid volume
  • Easy calibration, short setup time
  • Consistent microdots as small as 0.18 mm (0.007 in) diameter
  • Unaffected by entrapped air in fluids

Compatible Fluids

  • Epoxies
  • Lubricants
  • Marking inks
  • Solvents
  • UV-cure & light-cure
  • Adhesives

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