High-flow Piston Valves

Nordson EFD's 725HF Series high-flow piston valve dispenses a wide variety of fluids at rates up to 450ml/second. The high-flow piston valve is used to fill small bottles, vials and foil packs with lotions, perfumes and adhesives. This valve can also be used for dispensing brazing pastes and potting electrical connectors.

The advanced 725HF valve design provides positive cutoff by means of a slight pull-back at the end of the fluid dispense cycle, ensuring accurate fill amounts. Unique UHMW* polymer diaphragm replaces typical seals and seal maintenance, and ensures separation of fluid from cylinder body.

The complete system includes the 725HF dispense valve, ValveMate™ 8000 controller, fluid reservoir and dispense nozzle.

*Ultra High Molecular Weight polyethylene


  • FDA-compliant wetted parts
  • Fully adjustable flow rates
  • <±1° repeat fill tolerance
  • Low-maintenance design

Compatible Fluids

  • Adhesives
  • Cosmetics
  • Creams
  • Greases
  • Lubricants
  • Inks
  • Sealants


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