Meter Mix Valves

Nordson EFD provides a complete line of motionless mixers and valves for mixing reactive adhesives and sealants.
We recognize that maintaining mixers and valves that handle reactive resins can be a time-consuming and expensive task--a plugged valve translates to lost production, and even a partially plugged mixer results in poor product quality. In response to these specific problems, 2K's line of disposable mixers and modular metal valves can be easily disassembled and thoroughly cleaned.

Dispensing Valve Advantages

  • Eliminate solvent flushing
  • Less adhesive waste
  • Cleans up easily
  • Increased productivity

Nordson EFD dispensing valves provide ON-OFF functions, and metering in the proper ratio of A and B components is controlled by the metering pumps. Different manifolds are offered to assist this metering process. The selection of the manifold for each application depends on the flow rate, viscosity, and volume ratio.

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