2K Pistons

Nordson EFD offers three styles of pistons for use with our Cartridge Systems – Solid Multi-Seal Pistons, Multi-Seal with Integral Center Bleed Plug Pistons, and the AF (Air Free) Pistons.
Pistons are inserted after the cartridge has been filled with two-component adhesives. Each design has its own unique way of removing the air between the piston and the adhesive, which is critical to dispense accuracy.

When using Nordson EFD's Solid Multi-Seal Piston, a shim is required to allow entrapped air to bleed past the pistons during insertion. Alternatively, Nordson EFD's Multi-Seal Piston with Integral Bleed Plug is a revolutionary piston style which bleeds air from the cartridge during piston insertion without the need of a shim, making the process easier and more efficient. Please note that all 2-K pistons are available in nylon or polypropylene (PP) and can be assembled O-rings, such as EPDM, silicon upon request.

AF Pistons
  • Available for 50ml, 200ml, 300ml, 1:1 ratio cartridges
  • Bleeds air around the circumference of the piston
    without the need of a shim or second operation of
    pushing in a plug.

For more information about AF Pistons click here

AF Pistons

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