BaitGun® 2000

The BaitGun 2000 dispenses repetitive and consistent deposits of insecticide easily by simply setting the volume control to the size required. The BaitGun System provides complete application control of insecticides for precise deposits in cracks and crevices.

An adjustable trigger stroke allows you to set an exact fluid deposit amount from .01 to .25 grams, then repeat this amount each time the trigger is pulled.

Note: The BaitGun 2000 is for gel-based insecticide baits only. To apply high-viscosity pastes, specify the Original BaitGun®


  • Deposits from .03 grams to .25 grams
  • Easy to use volume control sets deposit size
  • No drooling or dripping once trigger is released
  • Precise deposits in specific areas eliminates waste
  • Easy trigger motion avoids hand fatigue  
  • Rugged alloy construction