MC781 Pulsed Lubrication System

The MC781 pulsed lubrication system is designed for applications where pulsed lubrication or thicker lubricants are required.

Like the MC800 system, the MC781 system uses Low Volume Low Pressure (LVLP) technology to apply a fine film of oil without waste, mist or overspray.

One MC781 system will coat stock up to 6” wide. For wider stock, multiple systems can be used.

The standard MC 781 system configuration includes a lubricant reservoir one or more valves, and a valve controller.


  • Controlled, uniform coverage – from any angle
  • Pulsed or steady lubrication
  • Oil savings of up to 90%
  • Precise, reliable, low-maintenance lubrication
  • Expandable system for different coverage areas
  • Flexible feed from tanks, pumps or central system
  • Versatility to handle different lubricant viscosities




  • FlowGuard Monitoring System
  • Six Gallon Reservoir System