Process Generators/PICO® Controllers

The PDA 1+1 and PDA 2+2 process generators are mainly intended for use in connection with piezoelectric micrometering valves.

Both the 1+1 and 2+2 process generators produce a high-precision 24V dispensing signal with signal lengths of 0.2ms and less. The efficiency and reproductibility of piezoelectric micrometering valves, particularly with small quantities and/or high dosing frequencies, is maximized.

PICO 1+1
For 1 piezoelectric valve; upgradable to 2 valves. One set dispensing parameters storable. PLC-compatible interface.

PICO 2+2
For 2 piezoelectric valves; upgradable to 4 valves Up to 99 sets of dispensing parameters storable at the generator or with MS-Excel. Upload and download to SD-card. PLC-compatible interface. CAN-Bus interface including power supply cable.