Meter valves from Nordson EFD

Metering Valves/PICO® Valves

Nordson EFD PICO valve dispensing systems combine high production speed with exceptional accuracy and process control. Three metering valve configurations are available to handle virtually any application.

Non-contact jet valve systems make it possible to apply fluids in volumes as small as 0.5 nanoliters at continuous speeds up to 500Hz. Because they do not contact the substrate, they are ideal for applying fluid in hard-to-access areas or onto uneven or delicate substrates where a dispensing needle cannot be used.

Needle valve systems produce extremely small dots and well-defined lines with precise control of beginning and end points.

Slider valve systems provide fast, precise application of solder paste and other particle-filled materials.

PICO xMOD features interchangeable valve seats and allows the dispensing process to be optimized for a wide range of fluids.