Relius™ Tube Coating Systems

Relius Tube Coating Systems are a fast and mistake proof way for solvent dispensing in an accurate and repeatable amount. The Relius Tube Coating System also works with UV-cure adhesives application on tubing, fittings and other cylindrical components.

Instead of dipping components into dishes of solvent or applying UV-cure adhesive by hand, the operator simply inserts the end of the tubing or fitting into the applicator port on the side of the Relius Tube Coating System. The correct amount of fluid is automatically applied every time, regardless of who performs the operation.

Note: These products do not have CE Marking.


  • Coats ID, OD or both surfaces simultaneously
  • Makes coating process less operator-dependent
  • Eliminates fluid contamination and waste
  • Ideal for semi-automated and fully automated processes
  • Closed tank reduces vapors
  • Greater process control
  • Can also be used for silicone oils

Compatible Fluids

  • Solvents
  • UV Adhesives