Universal Centrifuge

The ProcessMate™ 5000 Universal Benchtop Centrifuge quickly and efficiently removes entrapped air bubbles and air pockets from fluid that is packaged in syringe cartridges. Centrifuging syringes prior to air-powered or mechanical fluid dispensing will dramatically improve process control and reduce rejected parts.

The adjustable speed control on the benchtop centrifuge allows the user to adjust the G-force for low- to high viscosity fluids. The electric brake can be initiated at the end of the cycle to quickly stop the rotor from spinning, saving additional process time.


  • Improves process control and reduces rejected parts
  • Spins up to (4) 3cc—30cc syringes
  • Fixed angle rotor
  • Lid locks for safety
  • All-metal cabinet construction for safety

Compatible Fluids

  • 2-part epoxies
  • Frozen epoxies
  • RTVs
  • Greases
  • Various other fluid dispensing