Precision dispensing from Nordson EFD

Ultimus™ V High Precision Dispenser

The Ultimus V High Precision Dispenser is an easy-to-program unit with full electronic pressure regulation to keep critical fluid dispensing processes consistent from start to finish.

The Ultimus V High Precision Dispenser brings a new level of accuracy and consistency to precision dispensing processes that use dispensing fluids that change viscosity. The Ultimus V electronic fluid dispenser is ideal for two-part epoxies and other fluids that thicken over time, as well as UV-cure adhesives and other fluids that get thinner as ambient temperatures rise.
Dispensing Thinner Fluids?

Specifically engineered to work with the Ultimus V High Precision Dispenser, the Optimeter™ provides even greater control when dispensing thin fluids.

Different than standard syringe barrel adapters, the Optimeter features a unique design that maintains consistent full-to-empty pressure on the fluid by automatically increasing air flow as the syringe barrel empties. Combined, the Ultimus V electronic fluid dispenser and the Optimeter work together to improve dot-to-dot deposit consistency.


  • Auto Increment mode adjusts dispensing parameters after a certain number of shots or a specific lapsed time
  • 400 individual memory storage cells
  • Steady, Timed and Teach modes
  • Multi-level operator lockout
  • End of Cycle Feedback loop
  • External PC interface for data input
  • Display cycle counter



  • Shot size stays consistent, regardless of changes in fluid viscosity
  • Electronic control of dispense time, air
    pressure and vacuum
  • Air pressure adjusts automatically 
  • "Set it and forget it” operation
  • Simultaneous display of all dispensing

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