Air-powered Fluid Dispenser

Air-powered Dispensers

By using controlled air pressure and microprocessor-based timers to regulate the amount of material applied to each part, Nordson EFD's air-powered adhesive dispensing systems eliminate variability in benchtop fluid dispensing processes.


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Performus™ Series DispensersPerformus™ Series Dispensers

Performus fluid dispensers use air pressure and microprocessor-based timers to produce consistent deposits of virtually any fluid – from thin adhesives to thick brazing pastes.

Ultimus™ I - III Dispensers

Dispense uniform amounts of adhesives, sealants and other assembly fluids with a Nordson EFD Ultimus fluid dispenser.

Ultimus™ V High Precision DispenserUltimus™ V High Precision Dispenser

The Ultimus™ V High-Precision Dispenser increases productivity in critical assembly processes with fluids that change viscosity.