4300 Bondtester

The Nordson DAGE 4300 bondtester complements the proven semi-automatic 4000W Wafer Handling System and has been designed in accordance with the strict standards of semiconductor foundries and subcontractors to meet the growing demand for handling and bump shear testing on 300mm wafers.

The Nordson DAGE 4300 bondtester offers similar advantages as the 4000W Wafer Handling System with regard to avoiding the manual handling of valuable wafers and increased productivity in bump testing. The 4300 bondtester:

  • Overcomes the need for manual handling of expensive bumped wafers
  • Overcomes the need for operator control of loadtool to bump alignment
  • Increases throughput of bump testing

Key Features

  • Joystick manipulation of the test head over 100% of wafer surface without repositioning the wafer on the chuck
  • Semi-automatic test routines for bondtesting of the entire wafer surface without repositioning the wafer on the chuck (no camera system needed). 2 reference points needed per wafer
  • 460mm x 300mm XY stage
  • Wafer size 200mm or 300mm
  • Optional image capture system
  • 360 degree manual chuck rotation
  • 360 degree loadtool rotation. Automatic during auto test; manual under joystick control
  • Safety interlocks on wafer chuck
  • Frame protection for 300mm wafer
  • Provision for interface to customer's robot handler and other SMIF equipment

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