4000 Multipurpose Bondtester from Nordson DAGE

4000 Multipurpose Bondtester

The 4000 bondtester is multipurpose, capable of performing all pull and shear applications. The 4000 bondtester can be configured as a simple wire pull tester and upgraded to provide ball shear, die shear, bump pull, vectored-pull, or tweezer pull tests.

The 4000 bondtester uses patented frictionless load cartridges and air bearing technologies which ensure maximum accuracy, repeatability and reproducibility. Cartridges for different applications are readily exchanged. Many functions are automated and there are sophisticated electronic and software controls.

Key Features

  • Wire Pull 
  • Tweezer Pull/Peel
  • Ball Shear, Solder Ball Shear and Die Shear dependent on the system configuration. Each of the eight standard test heads incorporate four default software selectable operating ranges, with a further six available on request.
  • Additional options include Cold Bump Pull, Vectored Pull for micro BGA, and automatic testing for small geometry packages
  • Internal SPC software to provide basic analysis
  • Fully ODBC compatible to exchange data with external Statistical Process Control systems.
    System control is provided through an external PC running Windows.

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