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Training at Corporate Headquarters, Carlsbad California

Nordson ASYMTEK offers quality training both on and off-site. The labs at our Carlsbad, California, USA corporate location are dedicated to providing a specialized course of instruction for our customer's specific needs. Students are free from the distractions of work and get more actual hands-on time with the machines. With the assortment of tools available in our labs we are able to provide a better learning experience overall. Students will rebuild machine subassemblies, troubleshoot real problems, learn a variety of setup techniques. In addition, your machine's operability and production are not disturbed due to class usage.

Training Support at our Regional Support Centers

Nordson ASYMTEK Training is supported by all of our Regional Support Centers located worldwide. Asymtek Regional Support Center locations are: Amherst, OH, USA; Torrington, CT, USA; Maastricht, The Netherlands; Cheshire, United Kingdom; Penang, Malaysia; Seoul, Korea; Taipei, Taiwan; Tokyo, Japan; Hong Kong, China; Shanghai, China; and Singapore. Training conducted at these locations is based on configuration availability. Should the need arise, Asymtek is also prepared to send qualified Field Support staff to your company location to conduct training on your factory floor.

Instructor Qualifications

Nordson ASYMTEK Training courses are conducted at our corporate headquarters by experienced, PBET and PMMI certified Technical trainers. Offsite instruction is conducted by PBET certified and factory qualified Field Support Staff. Nordson ASYMTEK uses industry-accepted standards to design and present each course. 

PMMI - Certification by the Packaging Machinery Manufacturing Institute. 

PBET - Certification by the Performance Based Equipment Training principles.

 Student Certification

Upon successful completion of the training course, the student is issued a Certificate of Completion. The student is then entered into our Training Database so that record of training is maintained. Asymtek can provide a specific Student Profile of all the courses a particular student has attended over time.

Student Registration

Contact the Nordson ASYMTEK Training Coordinator at or call 1-800-ASYMTEK to register for a class.