Solder Mask Dispensing from Nordson ASYMTEK

Solder Mask Dispensing

Solder mask dispensing is a cost-effective alternative in high-mix, low-volume environments. Asymtek systems adapt to changing requirements, such as masking leads in a single dispense pass or masking multiple boards at the same time. Our programmable systems allow you to optimize throughput and balance speed with masking precision

In-line solder mask dispensing is generally used where screening the mask is impractical because the board has been already been partially populated with components. In addition, solder mask dispensing provides a cost-effective alternative in high-mix, lower-volume environments, where the cost of developing screen fixtures for every assembly may be prohibitive.

Nordson ASYMTEK systems can flexibly adapt to specific requirements, such as masking a series of leads in a single dispense pass and/or masking multiple boards at the same time with dual or triple headed configurations. In addition, Asymtek's programmable systems allow the manufacturer to easily optimize throughput, such as balancing the frequency of height sensing steps against the predicted amount of board warp and the overall specifications for mask precision.

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