Touch Panel Bonding

Nordson ASYMTEK offers several product configurations for dispensing fluids during touch panel bonding operations

Touch panel manufacturing has been emerging as devices like the iPhone grow in popularity and consumers drive improvements. Touch panel manufacturers have the following requirements:

  • No bubbles
  • Multiple displays for high volume
  • Large display applicable such as 107 cm (42 inch)
  • Calibrated volume
  • Fiducial alignment
  • Dispense pattern adjustment
  • Reworkability
  • Global supports
  • Integration with other process equipment

Nordson ASYMTEK is addressing these touch panel bonding requirements with DV-09 and DV-8000 valves:

  • DV-09 and DV-8000 valves for no bubbles
  • CpJ for calibrated volume in line
  • FmXP with camera for fiducial alignment
  • FmXP with recipes for pattern adjustment
  • WIN3 programs with major material suppliers for reworkable bonding
  • Global Asymtek network for local support
  • Engineering support for equipment integration