Precise Bonding, Sealing and Gasketing

Automated fluid dispensers make product assembly easier by precisely dispensing glues and adhesives including hot-melt applications for electronics manufacturing

Bonding, sealing and form-in-place gasket operations demand fluid dispensing systems that are simple to use and flexible especially in precision assembly. Processes may utilize hot-melt glue dispensing in mobile consumer electronics assembly such as display bonding and other component assembly. Typical applications with hot-melt glues, also known as PUR (Polyurethane reactive) materials, may require a line width of less than 500 µm.

Nordson ASYMTEK offers a range of automated fluid dispensing systems to meet different requirements. We offer specific solutions for bonding with hot-melt or PUR adhesives, sealing with glues, potting with UV-cure materials, or forming gaskets with silicones.

Nordson ASYMTEK's fluid dispensers include advanced process controls, including heat control, fluid pressure regulation, weight control dispenses, and mass flow calibration. Weight-controlled dispenses can be maintained with flow-rate measurement routines.

Also available are a selection of jets, valves, and pumps, dual-action heads, dual valves, light curtain safety systems, height sensors, vacuum-heated tooling plates, and programming cameras. Many options are available to meet your requirements when production volumes increase or new applications develop.


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