MEMS Assembly

Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems (MEMS), as the name describes, are tiny mechanical structures produced via semiconductor manufacturing processes. MEMS devices are used as sensors or actuators.

Automotive applications have been a major MEMS application development driver, while consumer applications, such as printer inkjet cartridges, DMD, microphones and inertial sensors, have driven unit volumes and mass production.

Mobile devices integrate many MEMS sensors due to small packaging dimension fitting into end devices. Specifically MEMS microphones have become more common due to their small size and SMT process utilization. The size shrinkage trend requires tighter dispensing to assemble MEMS devices. Nordson ASYMTEK has addressed this challenge through continuous product improvements.

The photo on this page depicts a sealing dispense application on a PCB using our auger valve. Nordson ASYMTEK dispenses a small line width applicable to this packaging requirement.


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