FmXP Fluidmove for Windows XP Software

Fluidmove software offers multiple layers of control and feature optimization for Nordson ASYMTEK's dispensing systems

Fluidmove® for Windows® XP (FmXP) software is designed for a wide range of users to simplify programming and testing of complex dispensing routines that require explicit machine and fluid controls. Menu access is restricted by passwords, while providing the user the flexibility needed to complete the job efficiently.

All dispensing programs have an associated fluid file which defines the fluid characteristics. As an option, the maximum and minimum fluid flow rate values can be saved with the fluid file. If the fluid file is bundled with the dispensing program in a recipe, the flow rate range will be application-dependent.

FmXP offers you several benefits for your dispensing applications:

  • Easy to use
  • Easy to program
  • Flexible
  • Offers traceability of many parameters
  • Increases productivity (MFC, CPJ, JOF, FOF)

Most importantly, FmXP enables you to gain unparalleled control of your dispensing process.

FmXP is Easy to use

FmXP offers familiar Windows features such as on-line documentation, complete system manuals, and context-sensitive help.

Complete recipes written on one machine can be copied to other Nordson ASYMTEK dispensing systems within the factory and around the world. Unique, automated set-up software prompts users at the beginning of production runs, making it easy to set up and begin dispensing with less operator interaction. You can select and configure user levels to suit your production needs with password protection. FmXP includes three different default levels of operation:

  • Service – Allows access to all windows and features.
  • System – Allows full access to all windows and menus, but restricts access to certain features.
  • Production – Limits access to the Production Window, Run Window, and production-level setup procedures only.

FmXP is Easy to program

The Programming Window is specifically designed to make programming intuitive and easy. FmXP uses the simplicity and intuitiveness of Windows-based software, providing icons, toolbars, taskbars, and other point and click functions. The programmer has access to all machine controls, fluid control parameters, and timing parameters in the Programming Window and can use them in the programming process. Both wet and dry dispensing runs can be performed from the Programming Window for testing and fine-tuning a dispensing program. In addition: 

  • Simplified setup and configuration routines prompt you through initial system and software calibration for the height sensor, camera offset, purge station, and scale station locations, making setup fast and easy.
  • The CAD Import option allows you to import CAD data in the format of a comma-separated (CSV) text file to quickly generate an FmXP program.

FmXP is Flexible

FmXP offers easy, customized configuration programming and set-up of controls for heat, conveyor, and dispensing. The following are a few examples:

  • FmXP software supports a wide variety of applications, including CSP/BGA/MEMS underfill, precise coating, encapsulation, flip chip underfill, flux, SMA, solder paste and more.
  • Capability to store multiple jet/valve setups enables you to quickly reconfigure your dispenser for another application.
  • Advanced vision support provides a video overlay of your part in a fully integrated FmXP window. You can control light levels, camera-offset, corner finding algorithms, fiducial recognition, skew correction, chip tolerance, and part skipping as necessary to optimize your recipe.
  • FmXP supports a variety of languages: English, Japanese, Chinese, Spanish, Korean, German and French.
  • FmXP supports use of a barcode reader to select a dispensing program. During a production run, for example, a barcode label can be read at the conveyor entry station. If the associated program is different from the current program, the new program will be loaded when the board enters the dispense station.

FmXP Offers Traceability Through Log File Capture

Event logging is programmable. SPC data logging includes board tracking, production lot tracking, flow rate calibration data, and fluid lot data with time stamps. You can keep track of how the machine is performing, how often certain functions are performed, and the date and time of those functions, etc. Event logging can be a useful tool for troubleshooting.


SECS/GEM is a factory-set option. FmXP can be configured to interface with a Generic Equipment Model (GEM) system, using the SEMI Equipment Communication Standard (SECS) published by Semiconductor Equipment and Materials International (SEMI).

Gain Productivity with FmXP

FmXP provides many ways to improve throughput, including:

  • Automated setup to make initial setup fast and easy.
  • Patented Mass Flow Calibration (MFC) and Calibrated Process Jetting (CPJ) use automatic calibration to consistently deliver user-specified amounts of fluid, minimizing setup-to-setup and line-to-line variations, while completely eliminating the need for operator interaction. MFC and CPJ automatically compensate for both fluid viscosity changes over time as well as batch-to-batch variations.
  • Patented Jet-on-the-Fly (JOF) technology: The DispenseJet® valve can be programmed to jet lines of dots without stopping at each dot location. JOF is excellent for jetting small-die underfill (< 5mm) where small fillets are required. Dispense time is significantly reduced when compared to traditional needle and jet dispensing.
  • Programmable timers control time-sensitive requirements, especially useful for multi-pass underfill. For example, multiple flow rates allow the ability to adjust valve speed to achieve target weight while maintaining the fastest possible dispense speed.
  • Fids-on-the-Fly capability is up to 5.5X faster than the traditional stop-and-capture mode for locating fiducials. Reducing time spent performing this essential, non-dispense routine can increase UPH as much as 35 percent.
  • Batch height sensing saves valuable production time.
  • The CAD Import option allows you to quickly generate a dispensing program using your existing CAD data.

FmXP is Asymtek’s fifth-generation software with advancements in throughput, fluid management and process control to meet all your dispensing requirements.

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